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1. Broken Arrow Brown

Alcohol 7.02% ABV - 38 IBU

Not traditional by any means, this American Strong Ale has a rich robust malty body with aromas of caramel, toffee, and brown sugar. The smooth sweet finish is balanced by subtle but complex hoppiness.

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2. Rose District Radler

Alcohol 4.8% ABV - N/A IBU

Created for the first time in Munich. This beer is a traditional German Radlermass meaning "Cyclist Liter" or Radler for short. This Radler is infused with natural juices from a fresh squeezed lemon juice soda blend. This makes for a very thirst quenching drink that is somewhat sweet with a citrus palate.

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3. Hader-Weizen

Alcohol 5.1% ABV - 17 IBU

Bavarian style unfiltered wheat using customary German brewing, with equal parts of pilsner malts and wheat. This makes for a very drinkable beer that has a robust wheat aroma with just the right balance of hops.

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4. Clear Creek

Alcohol 7.5% ABV - 22 IBU

Saith Saison, French meaning "Season". A style of farmhouse ale from the Northern regions of France and Belgium. Named in honor of the Saint Benedictine monks that first traveled to Indian Territory in 1875. They returned in 1999 to build their Clear Creek Abbey outside of Hulbert, OK. This is quite carbonated with fruity, floral, and earthy aromas with a hint of spice. Slightly sweet with a golden straw hue.

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5. Father Dominic

Alcohol 9% ABV - 23 IBU

In 1875 Father Dominic, a Belgian Monk, would travel to Indian Territory with the Saint Benedictine Monks from France. He would become the first brewmeister in the territory. This Abbey Quad in strict obedience, gives reverence to Father Dominic. His fermented drinks were enjoyed by the local Native Americans and many of the early boomers. This is a dark Belgian style Quad that is beautifully complex with hints of molasses, prairie fruits, and Belgian Candi. It is a heavenly smooth and delightful elixir that is dangerously drinkable

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6. No Coast

Alcohol 7.1% ABV - N/A IBU

The popular styles of the West Coast IPA's and the East Coast IPA's have sparked a union. The inlanders now have their own IPA. The No Coast IPA is brewed for all of us in the middle. It has a citrusy, floral hop bouquet and a rich malty finish of a West Coast IPA joined with the East Coast juicy aroma hops and finish. One swirl of the glass and all hopheads will enjoy a fragrant aroma. No Coast is very balanced with a slight malt sweetness that is detected. The hop character is matched by maltiness giving it a very smooth, drinkable experience

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7. Golden Tiger

Alcohol 5.2% ABV - 21 IBU

Historically made in Cologne region of Germany, this unfiltered top fermented beer is aged much like a lager with cold conditioning. It has a very clean and crisp taste derived from the use of Pilsner malts.

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8. Day Drinker

Alcohol 4.5% ABV - N/A IBU

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10. Nitro Daddy Stout (Nitro)

Alcohol 5% ABV - N/A IBU

This beer is a traditional Dry Stout that is Nitrogen poured. It’s black in color with an off-white head. The taste is roasty up front with mild hop bitterness to balance the sweetness from the malt. This beer is dispensed with Nitrogen, adding a very creamy mouthfeel and cutting the acidity from the roasted grains. Perfect beer for fall!

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Coming soon

Mount Saint Melons

Alcohol 5% ABV - N/A IBU

Using a very old European technique of brewing, this kettle sour is in French wine barrels from the Burgundy region, denoting its refinement to a champagne quality that is slightly acidic and effervescent. The finish is a notable bouquet of oak, melon, Broken Arrow Blueberries and Black Berries.

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